Californication S04E01 DVDSCR XViD-SPRiNTER & Californication S04E02 DVDSCR XViD-SPRiNTER

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Suicide Solution
Aired: 2011-01-16
Hank polishes off a day of flaky neediness with a creative meeting about his potential new movie that ends with him hiding in a starlet’s bathroom and accidentally overdosing on booze and sleeping pills.

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Weeds S06E01 DVDRip PreAir XviD-BuRN

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Aired: 2010-08-16
After Pilar’s death, Nancy and her family have to run, but Andy has doubts about leaving.

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Futurama S06E01 DVDSCR XviD-MSPAiNT

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Aired: 2010-06-24
Sorry, no episode description. 🙁

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Download: Torrent, Usenet

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Party Down S02E01 READ NFO DVDRip XviD-iNGOT

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11: 2x01 — Jackal Onassis Backstage Party
Aired: Apr/23/2010
No summary for this episode, sorry!

PROPER REASON: dupe.iNGOT.2010-04-07
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WWE Afterburn 2010.02.20 PREAiR PDTV XviD-433

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Aired: Feb/20/2010


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Nurse Jackie S01E02 PREAIR WS PDTV XviD-aAF

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Episode 2
Aired: ???
N/A – PREAIR for next weeks episode


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Nurse Jackie S01E01 PREAIR HDTV XviD-aAF

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A nice preair from aAF for a new “dark-comdey” called Nurse Jackie. Show description below…

Comedy meets drama in this quirky Showtime offering which spotlights the versatility of actress Edie Falco. Set in a New York City hospital, this half-hour single camera comedy is about a strong-willed woman balancing a hectic work life with a complex personal life, all the while fighting the healthcare system along the way.

Aired: Jun/08/2009
In the series premiere, veteran ER nurse Jackie Peyton bends the rules to create something good from a patient’s senseless death, while concealing her addiction to a pain killer she gets from her secret boyfriend, hospital pharmacist Eddie.


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Big thanks to MaRMiTe for this awesome preair release. I am really grateful they released this for everyones enjoyment. I hope they keep up with these PREAiRS. Seeing as they are so adamant we read it, get it here.

Episode 308
Aired: May/24/2009
Having tired of his new, yet unattractive and uninteresting bride, Anne of Cleves, Henry takes on a mistress, the comely Katherine Howard, which rekindles his passion. Anne’s cousin, a Bavarian prince, arrives at court and sweeps Princess Mary off her feet, but the romance is short lived when Henry demands him to return to his homeland. Using his new powers, Brandon has Cromwell imprisoned in the Tower of London, having accused him of being a traitor.


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The Tudors S03E06 XviD-aAF

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Seems like AaF managed to get a preair of The Tudors. Enjoy i guess…

26: 3x06 — Episode 306
Aired: May/10/2009

Matchmaking begins in earnest as Cromwell schemes to secure the Reformation by marrying Henry to a Protestant wife – but the king’s marital reputation precedes him; the condition of Henry’s wounded leg turns life-threatening.


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After getting the first episode of the season in DVDSCR iMMORTALs return with episode 10 due to air on the 12th.

Bull Whip
The sonic boom of a bull whip, no two wet dogs shake exactly alike, and a Boston Bruin’s star to put two hockey sticks to the test.


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Dexter S03E01 DVDScr XviD-NOTYOU

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A DVDScr of Dexter’s third season’s first ep has pred but has suffered a few nukes. Enjoy as is or wait for proper. 😛 You can also just wait for air.


Our Father


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East Bound and Down S01E01 PREAiR DVDSCR XviD-MEDiEVAL

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Another PREAiR DVDSCR by MEDiEVAL came out but this one is a comdey. East Bound and Down is an HBO series produced by Will Ferrell.This is starring Danny R. McBride (Fred Simmons “The Foot Fist Way”), John Hawkes (Sol Star “Deadwood”) and Jennifer Irwin (Linda Michaels “Still Standing”).

East Bound & Down
Comedy about a guy who, after flaming out as a major league baseball pitcher, returns to his small southern
hometown to teach physical education at the middle school he once attended and has to make amends with all the people he turned his back on.


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